Our Call

Ryders to Ecuador – Our Call

About Ecuador

Ecuador has fourteen people groups throughout the country giving it a population of around seventeen million people.  This includes the Galapagos Islands, over a thousand miles of beaches, the Andes Mountain range, and the Amazon Rain Forest.  Spanish is the main language spoken in Ecuador, but due to its diverse people groups there are multiple languages spoken.  We will initially be serving in Cuenca which has a population of around 600,000 people, including the smaller outlying areas surrounding the city.  The city sits at around 8,400 feet above sea level and has a small percentage that speak English.  Although we are learning to speak Spanish, we will have to learn Ecuadorian Spanish once in the country.  Catholicism is the main religion with fifty-two catholic churches in Cuenca.  There are a couple of “protestant” churches with small congregations spread throughout the city.  This would include Baptist, Christian, Mormon, and Pentecostal making up the small percentage that are not Catholic.  Ecuador is known for its chocolate, coffee, ice cream, and Panama hats.  It is the largest exporter of bananas in the world and the third largest exporter of flowers.

Our Call to Serve in Ecuador

We will be working with Pastor Jimmy Pinol, a national pastor, to help in his church while learning the language and adjusting to the culture.  Once fluent in the language we will plant a new church.  As God leads, we will either plant a new church there in Cuenca or in one of the many smaller towns around the city.  Our mission is to win souls for Christ as this is the Great Commission.  Once converted we will disciple them so they can both grow in the Lord and become soul winners to their own people.  One of our main prayers is that God will call a national to grow in the Lord and accept Gods call to take over the ministry so we can plant another church.  As our main focus is on winning souls, it is essential to establish a community outreach ministry where we can build a relationship with the community and show them Gods love for them.